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Jenny Tate

Fruition CD

3 songs
Run Run Run
Life is a Puzzle

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Please note:

These Jenny Tate songs will be available soon for purchase.
 "Love Let Me Down"
"You Did The Right Thing"
"Time Steals Things Away"
"Pinch Me"
"Savin' It Up For A Sunny Day"
"Stronger Than I Used To Be"

Be sure to request "Love Let Me Down" on these radio station near you.

(Local Content)

CHSJ | Country 94 FM
New Brunswick Canada
Request line : (506) 657-9494

CHTD | The Tide 98.1
St. Stephen NB Canada
Request line: (506) 466-1000

Or, Here is a great place to find request lines for other stations near you.
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